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Konan Specular Microscope

Low Endothelial Cell DensityLow Endothelial Cell Density (ECD)

ECD declines with age, and can be adversely effected by disease, trauma and poor contact lens regimes. Low ECD is a risk factor for cataract and corneal surgeries and can be missed without the use of specular microscopy.

CellChekXL_Front ImageCellChek Specular Microscope from Konan Medical

CellChek provides a detailed analysis of the corneal endothelium. This single cell layer of the cornea is responsible for maintaining the correct balance of fluid in the cornea which is required for optical transparency. CellChek provides your doctor with 5 key pieces of information: 1) an image of your endothelial cells, 2) Endothelial Cell Density (ECD=number of cells per square millimeter), 3) Cell Shape (6 sided cells are best), 4) Size Variation (small, similarly sized cells are best), and 5) Pachymetry (thickness of the corenea)