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Xperio Sun Lenses

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Maximum UV Protection

Xperio Sun Lenses 2There’s more to sunglasses than looking cool!

Sun is usually associated with pleasure and well being. But a good protection is mandatory to enjoy only the best part of the sun.

You are probably aware that UV radiation damages the skin… and therefore you protect yourself with a quality sun screen. But did you know that sun exposure can also damage your eyes?

Less than 10% of wearers worldwide are aware of sunrays dangers on the eyes… But UV rays are very harmful to the eyes. They are invisible but can generate short term or long term damages.

On the short term:  UV rays can cause discomfort and reversible diseases like blurred images, inflammations, photokeratitis.

Xperio Sun Lenses 3On a longer term, UV rays can generate:

  • Premature Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD):  this is the leading (preventable) cause of severe and irreversible loss of vision.
  • Cataracts : this is the number 1 cause of blindness, accounting for 16 million people worldwide; over 3 million of these are probably caused by excessive UV rays exposure.
  • UV rays can also damage the skin causing sunburns, sunspots, premature appearance of wrinkles. In the worst cases, it can also lead to cancers (melanoma & carcinoma).

Warning!  80% of a person’s lifetime UV exposure is received before the age of 18.  So it is critical to protect childrens’ eyes with quality sun glasses.

Each year 3 million people go blind from prolonged UV exposure. 

Think about protecting your eyes with quality sunglasses to preserve your sight.

All sun lenses do not offer the same UV protection.

Xperio Sun Lenses 4Essilor created the Eye-Sun Protection Factor to help you choose the right protection for your eyes.

Introducing the Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF)

The Eye-Sun Protection Factor is an objective rating system certifying the global UV protection of a lens. E-SPF indicates the overall UV protection brought by your lenses, to your eyes and to the sensitive skin around your eyes. This objective UV rating system has been developed by Essilor and endorsed by independent experts.

All lenses are not equal in terms of UV protection.

Xperio Sun Lenses 5It is crucial to consider the UV protection parameter when choosing your visual equipment with your Eye Care Professional. With this new reference index in healthcare, you now have a clear and objective information regarding UV protection performance of your eyeglasses and sunglasses.

E-SPF values vary from 2 to a maximum of 25 for clear lenses and 50+ for polarized sun lenses.

The higher the E-SPF, the better the UV protection

Xperio UV superior polarized sun lenses offer the most complete UV protection with E-SPF 50+.

E-SPF 50+ means the eye is more than 50 times better protected than without any lens. (The E-SPF excludes direct eye exposure from around the lenses).

With E-SPF 50+, Xperio UV lenses help protect your long term eye health by blocking 100% transmitted UV light and virtually eliminating backside UV reflections.

Xperio UV combines the polarized lens with a backside no-glare technology of an E-SPF 50+. In addition to offering the maximum UV protection, it will help to fight against: glare, scratch, smudge, dust, oil and water. You will enjoy a more accurate and comfortable vision and also will protect your sun lenses for a longer period.

For excellent UV protection, vision comfort and lenses protection, ask your Eyecare professional for Xperio UV superior polarized sun lenses.

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