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Paragon CRT

Corneal reshaping is sometimes referred to as orthokeratology or CRT-corneal refractive therapy. Corneal reshaping is quickly entering the mainstream of contact lens fitting. Patients sleep in the custom made lenses that reshape their cornea over night and corrects their vision during the day. This gives them freedom from glasses or contact lenses. Many patients feel they see better with this correction then they did with glasses or contact lenses. CRT is idea for active tweens and teens(8-18 year old) who may lose or break their contacts or glasses. CRT is also an alternative for adults who are soft contact lens drop-outs, or who experience dryness of dryness or discomfort from their daytime contact lenses.

New CRT® Patient Seminar Presentation

The prediction is by 2020, there will be over 2.5 billion people with myopia. That will be one-third of the world’s population! Myopia is a rapidly growing epidemic. Paragon CRT is a proven treatment of myopia.

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