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Eye Emergencies and Trauma

Eye injuries can happen at any time.  The team at Gulfcoast Eye Center is well trained to know how to expedite the treatment of these type of injuries.

Call us immediately at (941) 921-2020 when an injury occurs.

Read one person’s experience with emergent care at Gulfcoast Eye Center.

Dr. Bovio stays up on all new techniques and technology. At one point, after an accident of chemicals getting in my eye, he saved the vision in my left eye.

Penny H.


The best assess the damage to your eye, we’ll primarily use a bio microscope, sometimes referred to as a slit lamp.  The bio microscope has a high magnification and is designed to aid us in evaluating the extent of an eye injury.  Whether it is a laceration, foreign particle embedded or a burn, the bio microscope allows us to carefully examine the injury.

Embedded Foreign Bodies

A common injury is a hot iron metallic foreign body embedded in the cornea.  Grinding or drilling in iron or other metals will release particles that are hot and when they hit the eye they embed themselves in the cornea.  If it is iron, it will immediately begin to rust due to the salty consistency of our tears.  When the metal particle is removed, there is a remaining rust deposit that has infiltrated the surrounding cornea.

At Gulfcoast Eye Center, we are experienced at removing these rust spots.  With proper medical treatment these injuries resolve well.

If the foreign particle was embedded in the central visual axis of the cornea, there may be a scar remaining which could effect the patients ultimate visual acuity.  Safety glasses are always recommended to prevent these type of injuries.

Retinal Trauma

Contusions, otherwise referred to as a “black eye” can result in more than just the obvious bruises on the face.  The retina is the nerve tissue that senses light which lines the back of the eye.  There is a blood vessel layer under the retina.  This is very delicate and sensitive tissue.  We can assist you with determining a treatment for such trauma.

Retinal Hemorrhages

A compression type of injury can knock the retina loose and cause bleeding underneath.  These examples show both retinal hemorrhage and retinal detachment.  Both can result in blindness to the effected eye.  Immediate examination and subsequent treatment is needed in these type of injuries.

Emergency Eye Care

If you have symptoms of  “Flashes of Light” in your vision, when there is no light to explain the flashes, this could mean that there is something happening on the back of the eye.  The eye does not have any pain sensors so flashes are your best clue that there is something wrong.  In contrast, the cornea (the clear window on the front of the eye) has more nerve pain sensors that any other part of the body.  Injury to the cornea can be incredibly painful.

In both cases, immediate treatment is needed.  Contact us immediately for help.

Our office staff is well trained to know how to expedite the treatment of these type of injuries.  Call us immediately when an injury occurs.  We are here to help.